Climb n Slide


Elevate your event to new heights of fun with our Big Size Climb n Slide Inflatable, now available for hire in the Gold Coast region! This impressive inflatable is a fantastic combination of climbing challenge and exhilarating slide, perfect for parties, school events, corporate gatherings, or any occasion looking for an added thrill.

Large enough to accommodate multiple users at once, making it great for group interactions and team-building activities. Designed to entertain a wide range of ages, from children to adults, ensuring everyone at your event can join in the fun. After reaching the top, participants can enjoy a thrilling slide down, adding to the adventure and fun.

The Big Size Climb n Slide is more than just an inflatable; it’s a unique and engaging experience that encourages physical activity, challenges participants, and provides loads of laughter and excitement. Make your next Gold Coast event a memorable one with our Big Size Climb n Slide Inflatable hire!


Half Day 3 Hours including Supervision, Full Day 6 Hours including Supervision, Custom Inflatables Hire Package


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